Rebates and Tax Credits

Our mission at Plumbing and Heating by Craig is to cost-effectively keep your home as safe and comfortable as possible.

We’d love to help you take advantage of consumer rebates and tax credits on quality Lennox brand heating and cooling equipment. Ask us about rebates for Lennox Outdoor Units (heat pumps/air conditioners) and Lennox Indoor Units (furnaces). Full system rebates up to $1,400 are available for qualifying purchases.

The systems you use – or choose to have installed – may qualify for energy efficiency savings. Ask us about  energy efficiency incentives in your area.

Federal Energy Efficiency Tax Credits

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e to learn which investments and improvements qualify for up to hundreds of dollars in tax rebates.

Additional State, Local and Utility Incentives

Click here or on the image below and then click on “Minnesota” to learn about additional energy savings.