Keeping Your Home Comfortable

At Plumbing & Heating by Craig, your family’s safety and comfort are our top priority. We can fix your furnace or air conditioner, perform routine heating and cooling system maintenance, help with your plumbing, or meet your sump pump needs. Look to us for expert information and service.




GeoComfort® geothermal systems are efficient, economical, and effective. Ask us to help you determine if your home can benefit from this type of system.


Every year people spend MILLIONS OF DOLLARS on harsh chemicals that can’t solve their plumbing problems.

Rebates & Tax Credits

Our mission at Plumbing and Heating by Craig is to cost-effectively keep your home as safe and comfortable as possible.

Quote_HomePage“When our attic unit air conditioner broke down last summer, we shopped around for different vendors, partially based on the brand they sold and partially based on whether or not the vendor installed themselves.
When we contacted Plumbing and Heating by Craig, Nate was so nice, and scheduled a consult within a few days.
When Nate came out, it happened to be one of the hottest days of the year. Being we have an attic unit located above our garage there is little air movement. Nate never complained about going up the ladder to investigate our current unit. “
-Lori Penas