Arzel Zoning

The Arzel Zoning heating system is your solution for area-specific heating and cooling needs! Put drafts and wasted energy behind you, and control each zone in your home independently.

There are a number of culprits when it comes to temperature irregularities. Upstairs bedrooms, additions, and basements are areas where you may notice drafts or other problems with temperature regulation. Forced air zoning is an ideal way to resolve these problems.

Forced air zoning uses a number of thermostats to control the air flow, preventing it from working in areas where it is not needed and adjusting it in areas where it is needed. Better than outfitting your home with more than one air conditioner or furnace, zoning is energy-efficient, convenient and effective.

In the past, forced air zoning was expensive and labor-intensive to install. The Arzel Zoning System is neither. The Arzel system can be installed in one or two days using almost any pre-existing ductwork. The system is dependable, maintenance-free, and relatively economical.

Here at Plumbing and Heating by Craig, we want to find the system that best suits you. We will show you exactly how we can solve your problems, and in most cases, write up a firm quote on what investment is required to solve them. Give our company a call now at Hutchinson (320) 587-7437; Waconia (952) 442-8252; Glencoe (320) 864-1991; or Cokato (320) 286-5119, and we’ll set an appointment to show you what we can do for your home.

Arzel is known in the industry for retrofit zoning products. The product lines include dampers for all sizes and configurations of ductwork. The HeatPumPro™ is the industry’s first integrated control panel and zoning solution for high efficiency heat pumps. The Zonocity™ kit is a zoning control package designed for small duct, high velocity (SDHV) systems.

Arzel’s warranty coverage is the best in the industry. Panels are covered for five (5) years, and dampers are covered for ten (10) years under a full parts, labor and markup warranty. All Arzel ® warranties are transferable and stay with the equipment if you move.

Arzel’s product reliability is one reason for customers’ brand loyalty. Superior customer service is another fine feature of Arzel’s competitive advantage. Arzel sells directly to licensed HVAC contractors and has distributors across the country, so no matter where you’re located you can get the product you need in a timely fashion. A toll-free help line for contractors is available for contractors to access assistance with design, installations, and technical assistance.

Arzel Zoning Testimonials:

“We had a few cold bedrooms upstairs and a cold breakfast nook surrounded with windows off the kitchen. The rooms furthest from the furnace were either too cold or too hot depending on the season. And in my situation, we weren’t able to install new ductwork in that area because we couldn’t get to it. The new Arzel Zoning System allowed us to use existing equipment and ductwork. Now, the heating and cooling is directed to the rooms that need it rather than the whole house. The temperature in the upstairs bedrooms and the breakfast nook is great.” — John Ugo

“Our home is one-and-a-half stories with a finished walkout basement. We have very high cathedral ceilings in the living room and, until recently, we had very uneven heating and cooling throughout the house. We had a few rooms that wouldn’t cool in t he summer and wouldn’t get warm in the winter. Plus, our infant’s room and kitchen both face the south and were very hot. Our son still naps during the day and there was just no way to keep his room cool. So, we had to do something. We had all kinds of suggestions, from tearing out the ductwork to replacing the entire heating and cooling system with one that was oversized. We were so frustrated, we even tried installing a new system, but it still didn’t do the job. I had heard about zone control for some time and finally called to learn about the Arzel system. Our Arzel Zoning System was installed in one day, and we noticed a big difference right away. We’ve already noticed that our heating bill is reduced about 10%. With my two small children, I had to keep the whole house warmer. Now, I can turn down everything except for the three bedrooms. It definitely works… my wife is very happy with it.” — Dave Warpell

“Our house is a very large, two-year-old, three-story home, with a walkout basement. We had a major heating and cooling problem. The upstairs was unbearably hot in the summer, and the lower level was freezing. The builder we used, and even the equipment installer, didn’t know how to remedy the situation. We investigated every possibility, but didn’t want to do anything to the house that would ruin its appearance. We learned about the Arzel Zoning System through an advertisement, and called to learn more. The company was great to work with. After they examined the situation, they assured us that the problem could be solved. Within a day, they had installed a complete 4-zone system and our new home has never been more comfortable. My husband says it’s the best thing we’ve ever done to this home, he just wishes it could have been part of the original mortgage. We’re very thrilled with the system and are extremely glad that there was something out there that could solve our problem.” — Janet Falcon

“We own a good-sized, three-story home that was built in 1995. Our biggest problem was the master bedroom. And, while summers are rather short here in Michigan, we’d have at least a month when my husband couldn’t sleep because the bedroom was too hot. We looked into many options to try to solve the problem. We even called five or six different companies and none of them could come up with a feasible solution. Some recommended equipment attached to the outside, but we felt that would detract from the looks of the house. Finally, we heard about the Arzel system on the radio and wanted to learn more about it. It sounded like a perfect solution so we went ahead with it. We haven’t been through a hot summer with it yet, but heating in the whole house is tremendously better… especially the master bedroom. We had Arzel zone dampers installed throughout our ductwork and now we can adjust the temperature down in rooms we don’t use, and be comfortable in the ones we do use. We’re very comfortable and like the fact that the system comes with a great guarantee, which gives us time for a complete and thorough testing.” — Mrs. Sandy Porter