Stay Cool All Summer with COMFORT CLUB!

Picture this… It is the middle of a hot summer day in July, temperatures are in the 80’s and climbing, with no breeze and high humidity. Your air conditioner suddenly stops working and your home quickly starts heating up. You just want to relax in your nice, cool house but that is no longer an option because your house is becoming increasingly uncomfortable. You have looked at your air conditioner and it beyond anything that you can repair.

Luckily, you took advantage of Plumbing and Heating by Craig’s FREE YEAR of Comfort Club Planned Maintenance and they will come out and fix your air conditioner! You were able to avoid the “what if” that comes along with home ownership and repairs, and were able to get back to a comfortable home!

We would love to have the chance to keep you and your family comfortable all year long! Take advantage of this great offer today!

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Stay Cool All Summer with COMFORT CLUB!